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Hotel Residencia Offenbacher-Hof is situated in an old house dating to 1905, which has been declared of architectural heritage value. The house has been lovingly restored to its former style, both in terms of structure and furnishings.
The hotel is situated in one of the most beautiful and typical parts of Viña del Mar, also known as “the garden city”. This is a family hotel, attracting tourists both from within Chile and from overseas. In addition to our privileged location, close to the city centre and with a beautiful view over Viña, we offer a pleasant family atmosphere, making you feel at home.
Perhaps one of the key characteristics of this attractive meeting place is our promotion of cultural tourism. In addition to introducing our visitors to typical parts of our region, we try to give an insight into Chilean people and traditions. We have designed a range of tours, particularly with international tourists in mind, so that during their stay with us, they can get a feel for the region and for Chile in general.


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